Mechanical CAD with KOMPAS – 3D!

MCAD software solutions developed by ASCON are famous for their powerful functions in the mid – range segment. They are easy – to – use, have a comfortable interface, and other reasonable pricing, along with strong compatibility with other systems.

KOMPAS – 3D for Solid Modeling

KOMPAS – 3D is a mechanical CAD solution for parametrically designing parts and assemblies as 3D solid models. KOMPAS – 3D is effective for developing industrial products, and in generating related design and drafting documentation..

KOMPAS – 3D key features and benefits

  • Operates as a 3D parametric solid modeler that supports an unlimited number of parts and assemblies
  • Incorporate the KOMPAS – Graphic solution for 2D drafting and design
  • Provides advanced 3D sketching tools that enable users to design skeleton structures
  • Flexibly edits parts and assemblies
  • Extends functions to sheet metal design
  • Quickly creates engineering and design documentation, such as assembly drawings, BOMS, and detail sheets
  • Includes libraries of standard symbols and parts
  • Imports and exports most of the common CAD and standard formats, including IGES, SAT, STL, Parasolid XT, STEP, VRML, GIF, TIFF, JPG, AND Windows Metafile formats
  • Includes KOMPAS – Viewer for viewing and printing KOMPAS model files, documents, and other files, such as those in DXF and DWG formats
  • Provides an interactive learning system through KOMPAS – ABC
  • Requires minimal hardware

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KOMPAS – 3D Graphic

KOMPAS – Graphic is the 2D solution for creating drawings, diagrams, calculations, specifications, and release notes quickly. In addition, it generates associative views of 3D models automatically. KOMPAS – Graphic can be used as a stand – alone product that full covers the range of 2D design and documentation needs, and is fully integrated into KOMPAS – 3D.

KOMPAS – Graphic key features

  • Embodies a well thought – out and convenient interface that males the designer’s work fast and enjoyable.
  • Provides a multi – document working mode for operating with many drawings simultaneously
  • Incorporates useful methods for constructing graphical primitives, such as orthogonal drawing, grids, and snap modes
  • Includes powerful tools for creating 2D parametric drawings of parts and oft – used assembly units
  • Includes built – in text and table editors

Areas of Competence

Engineering, machine building, machinery and machine – tool construction, aerospace and defense, automotive industry, shipbuilding, engine construction, oil and gas, plant construction, and many other industries.

Pipelines and Steel Structure Design

The 3D Pipelines add – in helps designers by automating the routine works of designing pipelines and piping systems. The pipeline add – in perfect for designing utility networks and for locating piping in buildings that house industrial machinery.

The 3D Steel Structures add – in for KOMPAS – 3D helps automate the design of steel and other types of metal construction made form rolled profiles. The steel structure add – in is the ideal solution for designing steel frames and industrial structures.

3D Model Recognition Systems

The 3D Model Recognition Systems recognizes elements of parts and assembly that are imported into KOMPAS – 3D from other CAD systems. This add – in make it possible for you and your clients to exchange models between different MCAD systems, for it recovers 3D models complete with their history trees, thus saving considerable time in feature recognition.

Artisan Rendering

The Artisan Rendering add – in is for generating photorealistic images quickly and easily form 3D models created KOMPAS – 3D. The add – in creates high quality images of 3D parts and assemblies, even while they are being designed in KOMPAS – 3D

Standard Parts Libraries for KOMPAS – 3D

The ASCON Standard Parts Library is an add – in application supplied with KOMPAS – 3D. It provides designers with a database of fasteners based on DIN and ISO standards.

The TraceParts Library is one of the largest mechanical parts catalogs in the world, and features more than 100 million 3D CAD models and 2D drawing from leading parts suppliers. You launch TraceParts directly from inside KOMPAs – 3D, and then select the items needed, which are automatically inserted into assemblies a native 3D part.

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The Animation add – in performs motion simulation of 3D products developed with KOMPAS – 3D. The add – in simulates real – world motions of products and their components parts, and then records them as video recording in AVI format. Automatic collision detection of parts during the motion analysis helps prevent designs errors. A variety of types and parameters of parts motions are available, such as velocity, rotation frequency, and duration.

CAE for Mechanisms

The Universal Mechanism Express add – in performs dynamic, kinematic, and static analyzes of 3D solid models developed with KOMPAS – 3D. The add – in perfect for solving operating issues of machines and mechanisms.


The APM FEM add – in performs strength analyzes of machinery elements, mechanisms, and structures using well – established finite element methods. Its functions allow how to analyze the behaviour of a variety influences on models designed in KOMPAS – 3D. These include statics, stability, and thermal loadings on parts and assemblies.

eCAD – KOMPAS – 3D Converter

The eCAD – KOMPAS – 3D Converter add – in imports 3D printed circuit boards designed in systems such as Mentor Graphics and Altium Designer. The converter reads standard IDF data exchange files exported by P – CAD (v2000 – 2006), OrCAD (v9.X), Mentor Graphics, and Altium Designer (also known as PROTEL in the past). The PCB models are imported into KOMPAS – 3D, around which electro – mechanical systems are then designed.