Electro – mechanical design with KOMPAS – 3D

MCAD software solutions developed by ASCON are famous for their powerful functions in the mid – range segment. They are easy – to – use with a comfortable interface, reasonable pricing, and strong compatibility with other systems.

KOMPAS – 3D for Electro – Mechanical Design

KOMPAS – 3D is a mechanical CAD solution for parametrically designing parts and assemblies as 3D solid models. KOMPAS – 3D effectively designs electro – mechanical systems, and then generates the related design and drafting documentation.

KOMPAS – 3D key features and benefits

  • Operates as a 3D parametric solid modeler that supports an unlimited number of parts and assemblies
  • Incorporate the KOMPAS – Graphic solution for 2D drafting and design
  • Provides advanced 3D sketching tools that enable users to design skeleton structures
  • Flexibly edits parts and assemblies
  • Extends functions to sheet metal design
  • Quickly creates engineering and design documentation, such as assembly drawings, BOMS, and detail sheets
  • Includes libraries of standard symbols and parts
  • Imports and exports most of the common CAD and standard formats, including IGES, SAT, STL, Parasolid XT, STEP, VRML, GIF, TIFF, JPG, AND Windows Metafile formats
  • Works with IDF files exported from P – CAD (v2000 – 2006), OrCAD (v9.X), Mentor – Graphics, and Altium Designer
  • Provides an interactive learning system through KOMPAS – ABC
  • Requires minimal hardware

Sheetmetal Design

KOMPAS – 3D provides electro – mechanical designers with a rich collection of functions for sheetmetal modelling. These include the creation of bends, holes, louvers, fillets, punching (stamping), cuts, and cap closing of sheetmetal bodies. When the design is complete, KOMPAS – 3D unwraps the sheetmetal model, and then creates associative drawings of the unwrapped design.

Standard Parts for KOMPAS – 3D

The Benson Standard Parts Library is an add – in application supplied with KOMPAS – 3D that provides designers with a database of fasteners based on DIN and ISO standards.

The TraceParts Library is one of the largest mechanical parts catalogs in the world, and features more than 100 million 3D CAD models and 2D drawings from leading parts suppliers. You can launch TraceParts directly from inside KOMPAS – 3D, and then select the items needed, which are automatically inserted into assemblies as native 3D parts.
See more at www.traceparts.com

3D Pipeline Design eCAD – KOMPAS – 3D Converter

The eCAD – KOMPAS – 3D Converter add – in is a specialized module for importing 3D printed circuit board models via the standard IDF data exchange format. The converter works with IDF files exported from the following systems:

  • Altium Designer
  • Mentor Graphics
  • P – CAD versions 2000 through 2006
  • OrCAD version 9.X higher
  • Protel

(It is also possible to import boards developed on the Pulsonix system.)

Sample of circuit board imported to KOMPAS – 3D with Mentor Graphics IDF converter

Once imported into KOMPAS – 3D, the 3D models of printed circuit boards are then used to arrange other devices, blocks, equipment modules, and so on.

The eCAD 3D Converter add – in works with three types of PCB designs: non – realistic, and mixed type models:

  • Non – realistic PCB models are simplified 3D images
  • Realistic PCB models are recreated from existing 3D models of electrical products
  • Mixed type models are created when users do not have all the necessary elements for the realistic mode; the mixture consists of realistic and dimensional models

If necessary, all the components of the board’s assembly model can be accompanied by BOM (bills of material) items. This form of circuit board BOM is generated from 3D models of assemblies.